Help protect

a child like Ben
in 2022

Help protect a child like Ben in 2022

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At Spurgeons, we are all about supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged children and families facing huge challenges in their lives.

For Ben, the scariest part of the school day was home time. This is where he was abused and witnessed domestic abuse.

Frustrated and scared to say anything, Ben took out his anger on children at school.

Then, just when Ben thought things couldn’t get any worse, lockdown hit. Ben was trapped with the perpetrator and had no one to talk to.

Debbie became Ben’s lifeline. “I called Ben once a week, but because he was talking from home he couldn’t make a disclosure. We built a relationship talking about his school work and his online classes,” says Debbie.

Ben no longer felt alone. He was being heard and cared for.

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can help provide resources for counselling sessions to help children talk
and open up about what they’re going through. These can be particularly helpful
for younger children.


could help provide more fully-funded counselling for children from low-income families to receive help and support more quickly.


 can help provide more sessions and safe spaces for children like Ben who may otherwise have no one they feel comfortable enough to talk to.

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