Fond memories help piece together historical records of Spurgeons Stockwell Staff

Fond memories help piece together historical records of Spurgeons Stockwell Staff

Spurgeons was contacted recently by David Allen, son of Henry Edward Allen, who was a pupil at the Spurgeons homes at Stockwell and Birchington between 1930 and 1939 along with his brother Oliver.

”He has many happy memories of his time at Stockwell and Birchington, and is forever grateful for the care and education he received there”, writes David. Both Henry and Oliver made friends during their time with Spurgeons and became particularly fond of Henry, Gwendolyn and Gertrude Hope who all later became part of the family.

The reason behind the contact was a group photograph of the Stockwell staff, taken in 1934. Henry Allen had found a copy in his possession and was able to assist with identifying some of those photographed for our Spurgeons historical archives.

Henry Allen and his wife of 73 years with their copy of the Spurgeons Homes Staff Centenary photograph taken in 1934.

Below is the centenary photograph in question and names as kindly remembered by Henry Allen.

Do you recognise any of the staff in the photograph below? (click to enlarge)

Front row (left to right) 

No.13 – Dr J G Green. Headmaster Stockwell (L.C.C.) School.

No.14 – Mr McLaren. Superintendent Stockwell Orphanage.

No.17 – Rev. Tydeman-Chilvers

No.20 – Miss Castell. Matron House 6.

No.23 – Miss Dorethy Aspa. Matron House 9.

Middle row (left to right)

No.16 – Infirmary Nurse Barker.

No.17 – Infirmary Sister Allen.

No.22 – Mr Fry. Schoolmaster (later missionary in Africa).

No.23 – Mr A J Holt. Science master.

No.24 – Mr ‘Diggy’ Holland. Woodwork master.

No.25 – Mr Wise. Maths master.

No.26 – Mr Aylesbury. History and Music master.

Back row (left to right)

No.1 – Mr Beezer. Yard master.

If you are able to recognise any of the Spurgeons staff in the photo, please email us at records@spurgeons.org

Spurgeons Old Scholars

Old Scholars are those supporters who spent some of their childhood living at Spurgeons Children’s Homes in Birchington and Reigate.
We encourage alumni to keep in touch with us and share their memories.

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