How to make the most of your Christmas leftovers

How to make the most of your Christmas leftovers

Christmas Day is over. You’ve eaten your way through thousands of calories. You may think the fun is all over, but you can easily put leftover Christmas dinner, pudding, and buffet ingredients to work in these super easy, delicious ideas.

Not only does using leftovers save money on further food shopping, but you get to extend all the delicious flavours of Christmas- mince pies, stuffing, roast turkey- for longer. Here are some easy, quick and brilliant ideas for using up surplus festive food:

Cheese and ham toasties

If you have buffet leftovers, treat yourself to toasted sandwiches with cheese and ham filling for lunch. Try brie with a little cranberry to use up the sauce, too.

Sprout and chestnut pasta

Use up sprouts in this creamy, comforting pasta dish, which is quick and easy to make.

Turkey stir fry or curry

Got leftover cooked turkey meat? Whack it in a stir fry with veg and a sauce of your choice. If you’re more of a curry fan, use turkey in place of chicken for a curry.

Creamy ham pasta

Use up cooked ham by mixing it with freshly cooked pasta, and warming it through for a few minutes with some milk and grated cheddar.

Turkey noodle soup

A quick, easy win, this soup recipe takes your leftover turkey and turns it into a warming winter lunch.

Mac n’cheese

Overdid stocking the cheese board? Never mind. Use up those luscious cheeses in the ultimate comfort food- a super quick and easy 10-minute macaroni cheese recipe.

Roast potato, turkey and stuffing pie

If you’ve got a range of leftovers from Christmas lunch, this delicious pie will use them all up for you and can be prepared for baking in less than 10 minutes.

Melting nachos

Use up cheeses and meats by scattering them over nacho chips, and warming in the oven for 5 minutes. Top with sour cream and guacamole.


Omelettes are a great way to use up what’s in the fridge. Chuck in cheeses, veg, ham, smoked salmon, or whatever you like!

Leftover sandwiches

Whip up cheeses, turkey, stuffing, sausages or cold cuts into tasty sandwiches.

Bubble & squeak

Use up vegetables and potatoes by making them into bubble & squeak, a perfect partner to fish or meat for dinner.

Christmas pudding trifle

If you’ve got a decent amount of Christmas pudding left, you can easily turn it into mini trifles. Place broken-up pudding in the bottom of glasses, then layer on top with tinned pears, custard and a topping of cream.

Chocolate fondue

Too much chocolate in the house? Put it to good use by melting it gently in a bain marie (that’s a bowl over simmering water to you and me!) or slow cooker, and invite everyone to dunk marshmallows, bananas or strawberries in.

Mince pie brownies

If you are stuck with unwanted mince pies, transform them into moreish brownies using this fab recipe.

Happy baking!

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