New funding secured to extend domestic abuse support in Norwich

New funding secured to extend domestic abuse support in Norwich

A grant has been awarded by the Norfolk Community Foundation, Recovery Fund to the Spurgeons Norwich Connect Project to assist with the rise in demand for domestic abuse support across Norwich.

Spurgeons’ Norwich Connect Project supports individuals who have experienced domestic abuse and violence across Norwich and works with both victims and perpetrators, as well as children and young people.

Whilst government messaging is focused on staying indoors we are reminded that for many, home is not a safe place when living with a perpetrator of domestic abuse. Thankfully, the government is now clearer in its messaging around allowing those who are fleeing domestic abuse to leave their homes.

The new funding from the Norfolk Community Foundation Recovery Fund will now enable the Norwich Connect team’s provision of support to go further to help meet the ever-increasing demand for support as the referrals continue to rise throughout the pandemic.

About Spurgeons’ Norwich Connect project:

This year the Spurgeons’ Norwich Connect was shortlisted for the 2020 Children and Young People Now Awards in the Early Intervention category for its work providing assistance for individuals, couples and families affected by domestic abuse.

To learn more about the Norwich Connect Service or to make a referral, click here.