Children's Centres

Our Children’s Centres

Our Children’s Centres support parents with young children to access the help they need, to make sure poverty and deprivation doesn’t become a barrier to a better future.

Over 3.9 million children are living in poverty in the UK today, with around 400,000 classed by the child protection service as being in need. We know that poverty places a huge burden on parents, as well as restricting childhood development and, in extreme cases, shortens lives.

Spurgeons Makes the Difference

Spurgeons works with local partners to run over 20 Children's Centres across the UK, focussing on communities with high levels of deprivation. We offer support for parents and their children from pre-natal stage, through birth and up to the age of five. By working with young children and their families as early as possible, we can help to provide the support needed to make sure that deprivation doesn't become a barrier to future choices and opportunities.

Our staff work with children and families in a community setting, and we support every child and family who needs us - regardless of their background or situation.

Our Approach

Our service programmes are individually designed to make sure we can be effective within the local community and provide support to fulfil each individual's needs.

Our Services

The range of services at one of our Children's Centres typically includes:

  • Young parents groups

  • Supporting parent and child relationships, family therapy, nurturing

  • Baby clinics

  • Stay and play sessions

  • Father support groups

  • Helping parents return to work

Our Children’s Centres can be found across the UK. Use our interactive map to locate your nearest centre

What Others Say

"Good leadership and management, cohesive provision, and good and improving outcomes for families, demonstrate the centre's effectiveness in meeting local need."

- Ofsted

"The Centre is a lovely place where you feel free to be a parent and learn to be one too! Have access to resources. Thank you for everything."

"As a single mum, I was very lonely for the first year after I gave birth. It made such an immense difference coming to the centres and having a warm welcome."

"Spurgeons is somewhere I can go and feel comfortable. I can ask for advice and opinions. The centre has made a huge difference to both my baby and myself."

child playing with mother
child playing
toddler playing

Case Studies

Lifeline for families fleeing abuse

Lifeline for families fleeing abuse
Life can be extremely tough for victims of domestic abuse, especially when children are involved. When Sophie, teenage mum to two-year-old Joshua, was referred to one of our children's centres by social services, she was in a very dark place. Her relationship with Joshua's dad was mentally and psychologically abusive and he was often aggressive. Our work set about turning Sophie and Joshua's lives around. Following the Triple R programme, Sophie is now much more confident and is preparing to volunteer with Spurgeons.

Helping children smile again

Helping children smile again
Neither Angie nor her one-year-old daughter Amy had much cause to smile. Angie’s partner hurt her and she felt alone, isolated and unable to cope. Following a referral from a health visitor, Spurgeons got involved to help Angie turn her life around. From counselling, to getting Angie and Amy involved in mother and toddler groups, our interventions helped Angie become stronger. She learned how to support her children and give them the life they deserve – and Amy was able to smile and laugh with other children.

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