Parenting children with an Autistic Spectrum Condition

Here you can find out more about the Fegans Children's Counselling Services and our parenting support. We hope the tips and resources on this page will help support you as a parent or carer.

Helping parents understand more about autism and how to best support their children.

Bringing up a child with autism can be both challenging and rewarding. They may not communicate, play, or behave like their neurotypical peers, and their behaviours can sometimes be confusing, frustrating, or even upsetting to their families. But they may also have strengths and abilities that emerge when a parent engages with them in a way that works best for the child.

Our Parent Support Workers have been supporting an increasing number of families who have children with an Autistic Spectrum Condition. We offer two National Autistic Society courses - the EarlyBird Plus course for 4-10 year olds, and the Teen Life course for 11-16 year olds - to help parents understand more about autism and how to best support their children. The focus tends to be on communication, routine and social understanding to reduce anxiety and then to empower and equip parents and their children to manage challenges.

One grateful parent said, “The EarlyBird Plus Programme has … enhanced our knowledge and understanding, as well as providing practical strategies to support our son. It was so helpful and affirming to meet other parents in the same situation too, because life can be very isolating at times. Having the space to talk freely and really investigate the underlying reasons for behaviour has also been extremely beneficial.”

Parents of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities can often feel isolated or judged. They may also feel overwhelmed, tired and frustrated. These courses bring parents together to share ideas and experiences and many continue to support each other afterwards via a WhatsApp Group. Through your support, we can help to make things a little easier for them.

About Fegans Children’s Counselling Services

Fegans counsellors work one to one with children in our centres, online and in primary and secondary schools throughout the South East. 

We also provide parenting support for families with significant challenges such as supporting those with additional needs. We deliver much of this work through five town-wide family hubs in partnership with schools and our own preschool family hubs.


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