Spurgeons’ Saturdads

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Michael Bowers from Peterborough has two sons, Alfie (4) and Charlie (18 months).

He has been going to Spurgeons’ Saturdads sessions for a couple of years now. He works all week and wanted to spend some more time with his boys, and the fun play days are the perfect way to help build their confidence.

“It’s great to see them socialising with the other children. Confidence and self-esteem are really important and you can see the boys really enjoy the sessions. If you’ve got a good feeling in yourself it really helps in life. If you lack confidence it hinders you.”

Michael was bullied at school and has worried about how it might affect his children.

“I don’t like bullying across the board. Luckily we haven’t had any issues like that with Alfie. We always ask him how he is and we know how important it is to build your child’s self-esteem so they can go out there and make the most of life.”

When Michael started going he didn’t know what it was all about and kept himself to himself but there are four dads now, who talk and socialise at the sessions. They are friends on Facebook and look out for each other.

“As a father especially, I don’t think you know where to turn for support if you need it. It’s always family and friends who I would reach out to first. We love the sessions though and I get as much out of them as the boys do - I’ll keep taking them until they tell me they don’t want to go anymore.”