Providing essential hygiene packs to families in Birmingham

Providing essential hygiene packs to families in Birmingham

As the lockdown continues to ease we have been able to reflect on ways that our services have continued to support families throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. In many cases, the support we have been able to provide has been made possible by the generous donations we have received from other organizations in the communities in which we work. 

Our Birmingham Forward Steps Children’s Centres were particularly grateful for a donation of 200 dignity packs from The Active Wellbeing Society (TAWS), #BrumTogether project – a community cooperative project which was visited by Spurgeons colleagues Natalie and Kelly, from the Edrington District services and Nasrin from our Perry Barr District services.

Natalie and Nasrin write:

Whilst sourcing food items we liaised with staff from TAWS and discussed the needs within our communities and that we were struggling with sourcing hygiene products for our families. We have been attending local food banks throughout the pandemic but have been struggling to obtain hygiene items and household cleaning products.

Providing these packs to families has encouraged and enabled families to meet their child’s basic needs and maintain their personal hygiene and household cleaning. We were also able to offer sanitary products to the families supporting with a lack of access to sanitary products and period poverty.

The packs included personal and household items

Within Erdington District 40 packs were given to the two local Domestic Violence Refuges – We donated these to provide a positive networking relationship between professionals and families within our local community.

A staff member at the Salvation Army told us: “Thank you for the donation of dignity packs today, they were very much appreciated by all the ladies and children.”

Achieving positive outcomes is imperative in our roles, as our priorities are for child outcomes to be met – and to live in a clean, safe environment.

They have enabled and supported families with oral hygiene, toothbrushes and toothpaste were provided – the packs have supported in creating safe and healthy lifestyles and supporting children and families with having access to toothpaste and toothbrushes, to be able to maintain their oral hygiene. This has been important during the pandemic as dentists have been closed.

We worked collaboratively with TAWS to meet the needs of our local communities – this has had a great and positive impact on the families who have received a pack.

Some of the families receiving the packs commented:

“This pack has helped my family with being able to have essential products during a time when we were struggling most.”

“We absolutely loved the items we received in the pack – the body wash was great. I found the products really lovely and they all smelt beautiful, thanks again.’’

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