Summer holiday activities for kids at home

Children engaging in creative activities.

Summer holiday activities for kids at home

Activities for kids during the summer holidays

Are your kids getting bored already? Here at Spurgeons, we understand that keeping children entertained during the summer holidays can sometimes be a challenge. What’s more, the summer weather can often be unpredictable. But, with so many inexpensive and fun ways to get creative, and imaginative there are plenty of things to do with kids at home during the break.  

Whether you are looking for some cost-effective fun in the summer sunshine or looking to keep them occupied on a rainy day, we have a list of fun and exciting activities for kids to try during the holiday. 

List of things to do with the kids at home 

Colour walk 

Looking for fun and exciting ways to immerse the whole family in nature? Finding different plants and flowers in the natural environment is a great way to get the kids outside. Simply identify and match the colours of the rainbow on your sheet. Stick them on the paper and create your very own nature rainbow.  

Tree bark rubbings 

Creative activities for kids don’t always need to be kept indoors! What’s more, this fun and cost-effective activity is easy to do. All you will need to get started is paper and crayons. 

Simply place the paper against a tree, whether that be one in your garden or at the local park, and rub the crayon up and down the paper. To create even more fun patterns and bright creations why not switch colours until you make a beautiful pattern? 

Chalking/water painting 

Help brighten up the outdoors by using coloured chalk. This fun outdoor activity is a great way of getting creative outside. Draw pictures on patios, pavements or fences and the rain will wash it all away!  

If you haven’t got chalk available, you can still get creative. Use water and a paint brush to make marks on the patio or fence and watch them disappear as the sun dries them up.  

Bubble painting 

For even more summer holiday activities that are sure to provide fun and excitement, give bubble painting a go! All you will need is washing up liquid, paint, water, cups and straws.  

Bubble Painting - Water and Washing up Liquid - Activities for Kids

 Mix together a small amount of washing up liquid, a drop of paint and water in a cup.  


Blow bubbles through the straw.  

Catch the bubbles on a piece of paper and make pretty designs.  

Going on a Bear Hunt story walk  

The Going on a Bear Hunt story and bringing it to life is great for being active and developing early literacy skills. What’s more, fun activities for kids like this one, are a wonderful way of keeping children engaged and excited.  

Take a walk outside or to the park and use the story to entertain children while staying active. Look for ‘swishy swashy’ grass, ‘squelch squerch’ mud ‘Splish splosh’ puddles for the river. A great way of getting younger children immersed in the world around them.  

Sensory bottles and bags  

Don’t let the rain stop you and the children creating fun and exciting experiences. There are plenty of indoor activities for kids that are sure keep them engaged. Not only that, but making sensory bottles and bags are easy and inexpensive.  

Using empty water bottles and fill them with glitter, water or pom poms. You can even raid the kitchen cupboards and use oats or pasta, too, because having fun doesn’t need to cost too much! 

Use clear sandwich bags with paint, shaving foam or glitter if you have these available. Simply tape them up and stick to a flat surface. Children can make marks with their fingers. As it’s mess free, you won’t have to do too much tidying up after either! 

What’s more these open-ended activities are a great way of encouraging your child to use their imagination and develop a range of skills while offering a healthy break from screens.

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