Together we can make a difference

Photo of mother and child

Together we can make a difference

Today (5 June) is day 74 of the lockdown. The Coronavirus has dominated our lives for almost three months, but in the last week, the headlines have been dominated by the uncomfortable truth about inequality, prejudice, and the violence it generates.  The film of George Floyds’ death is horrifying. His death is made even more painful by the countless similar stories of suffering that we know happens every day but go unreported.

When faced with the darker side of human nature it is easy – even comforting – to point a finger at others, whether that is other countries or other individuals. And yet we know the dark corners of our own hearts and experience the scars of prejudice and injustice in our own communities. This week more evidence was published about how the Coronavirus pandemic in the UK is affecting different groups and communities disproportionately. We cannot ignore this reality alongside the discrimination many face.

Therefore, however long lockdown lasts, and whatever our communities look like on the other side of this, Spurgeons will strive to be a force for good. One of the ways we live our ‘inclusive’ charity value is by respecting all beliefs and backgrounds and (working to) ensure no one is disadvantaged or marginalised in the way we work.

Being inclusive, being hopeful, and being compassionate takes effort, resilience, intentionality, attentiveness, faithfulness, discipline, courage, generosity, honesty, and grace. Spurgeons is not perfect. But what we hold on to is the redemptive power of grace that is at the heart of the Christian gospel. Relationships where there is a willingness to say sorry, demonstrate grace and hold the hope of redemption fuels our mission. It is what gives me great confidence that we can bring great light into the darkness.

Thank you for being part of this mission. Together we will continue to make a difference.

Yours faithfully,
Chief Executive