About us
About us

About us

Together, we create Family Hubs where we’re needed most, with counselling, early years and family support. We partner with local councils, churches and communities to care for every family, putting children and young people first in everything we do.

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We’re Spurgeons Family Charity. Inspired by Christian faith and our founder Charles Spurgeon, we’re here for all families. 

  • Spurgeons staff member watches on as a child is coached in sports activity.
  • Children being instructed ahead of a canoeing activity.
  • Children from Spurgeons homes at the beach on a bank holiday.
  • Christopher Jones an Old Scholar pictured with football team.

We create family hubs where we’re needed most, providing support with mental health, special educational needs, domestic abuse and all of family life’s challenges. We work through children and family centres, churches, schools and prisons. Putting children first in everything. 


So, when a family member needs support. We’re someone to turn to.  


When wellbeing needs protecting, we do it together. When a safe space is the only answer, we make it a priority. We keep building connections and relationships, that last through life’s ups and downs.


Because we believe all children should have family support to thrive.  

Portrait of Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

In 1867, Baptist preacher and writer, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, was inspired by his faith to establish an orphanage in London, offering vulnerable children care and education. Today, his work continues through Spurgeons Charity.


The way in which we support children and families has changed enormously over 150 years, but our ambitions remain the same. Spurgeons Family Charity transforms the nation, one child at a time, by ensuring every family has the support needed to flourish. 

During 2022/23 we have helped 30,500 families, children, young people, and adults to overcome challenges and we are committed to helping even more in the years to come.