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We have created the following courses and resources to support your whole family.

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Parenting Skills and Tips - Our Parent Hub


Thank you for visiting our digital family hub. Here you can access parenting skills and tips including free, accessible online wellbeing resources for families and the professionals who work with them. 


Spurgeons’ expert teams are offering support for all parents, think of it as your parent hub.  Please browse through and try our free courses and resources that will educate and equip you to support the young people in your care.  

What courses and resources are available on our Digital Family Hub? 

Our family support courses

We are here to work alongside families, especially when times are tough.

Take our separated parenting course to help after family breakdown, our Hidden Sentence course will benefit you if you are supporting a child with a parent in prison or join with your church or community to build positive relationships and find greater happiness in your family life on our Real Parenting programme. 

You can also join our course and learn more about Autism, or book a personalised 1-1 parenting course


Our resources

Perhaps you have a young person you know who is struggling with eating or a family member in prison.

You might be a dad looking for encouragement on your parenting journey. Maybe you are a stressed-out parent who could benefit from our practical parenting tips in your inbox every week? 

Free downloadable support, including activities for children, useful planning tools for parents and families as well as handbooks for further reading, all available here for free. 


What support is available for parents?  


Our digital family hub acts as a lifeline for parents seeking guidance and support in their parenting journey, especially when facing complex issues. We work to provide support and tools for parents so they can navigate all life’s challenges. This is the area of our site where we can offer digital support, tips for good parenting skills and help for parents and professionals who work with young people. Combining expert advice and personalized resources to help families thrive.  


If you are a parent, or a professional working with young people, enjoy our courses and resources that will empower you with parenting skills, knowledge, support, and tools to navigate the challenges of raising your children. 

What if I need immediate help?

If you need urgent help for yourself or someone else in an emergency, get advice from 111 or ask for an urgent GP appointment. If someone’s life is at risk call 999 or go directly to A&E. 


For more support from trained volunteers contact the Samaritans, Childline or Beat. 


If it is not an emergency and you would like to connect with Spurgeons in your local area.


Or contact us on 

Need more information?

Explore further information on support available for children with additional needs

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