Early years and family support
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Early years and family support

Spurgeons provide support for parents and families at various locations across the country, as well as activities for children and young people, ensuring a strong foundation for your child's future.

Spurgeons provides early years support and support services for parents, children and young people. We aim to build on your strengths as a family, so you are able to flourish.

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Digital Family Hub

Need support now? Explore our digital family hub which is a growing space filled with resources to support your parenting journey 

At Spurgeons, we put children and young people at the forefront of everything that we do.

Across various communities, we provide support for parents families, children and young people at our family and children's centres. Here, you will be able to access advice, guidance and activities, as well as parenting support courses to help you on your parenting journey.

Our experienced teams are based at our Family and Children's Centre venues in Birmingham, Wiltshire, Surrey also provide outreach services in local community venues. Further parental support can also be found at our Family Hubs in Faringdon and Hodge Hill. 

What's more, we provide early years support and provision through our two Buttons preschools in Kent, our Little Lambs Nursery in West Sussex, and counselling services for children and young people in schools, at our centres and online. 

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