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Church partnerships

Family hubs help churches to love their neighbours


We can help you make your church the first-place people come to for help and to experience God’s love.

Put your church at the heart of the community

A Family Hub is a one stop shop for any family in your community to be able to receive love, care and support whatever their circumstances. 

Help children and families get a better start in life by partnering with us to create a Family Hub. Your church provides the safe space at
the heart of your community, the warm welcome, the opportunity to build trust and relationships with local people. Spurgeons provides
the professional support for those families who might need a bit more
specialist help such as:

• Family wellbeing support 
• Domestic abuse support 
• Mental health support 
• SEND support 

We can also provide Counselling for children and young people, and Preschools with onsite family support in areas of intense need.

We will support you every step of the way with our expertise and
experience. We may even be able to help you find funding towards
the cost. 

“Faith goes up the stairs that love has built and looks out the windows which hope has opened.”


Charles H. Spurgeon

Connect with us

Together, in Christian partnership, we can transform the nation, one child at a time by ensuring every family has the support needed to flourish.

If your church wants to share God’s love with your community in this really practical way, do get in touch. Together, we can work out what kind of partnership is right for you, your community and us.

If you’d like to explore this further, contact our Partnerships Team at or use the form below and one of our team will be in touch.

Family hub at The Corner in Ramsgate

Read The Corner's story

Thanet Community Churches Team Leader Craig Prentice explains why partnering with Spurgeons works for them.

"We want all who come here to be able to experience God’s love and taste how good his Kingdom is. And surely that taste is sweetest when we’re at our weakest and lifted up in grace and mercy by those who truly care for us?  

So, while The Corner is a place of worship, it’s also the Family Hub
for the wider community, where local people can come to make friends and socialise. 

Alongside this, through Spurgeons we offer specialist, targeted help for when life gets tough. These services are accessible, and they’re delivered by the staff and volunteers that families already know and trust. That relationship is the gold that’s so often missing in usual statutory support."

Give as a church


Partner with us through prayer

Our prayers
Jane Cekic, with Mum recieving parental support.

It was like a light in the darkness. I’m so grateful

We all have a part to play in supporting families

"We all have a part to play and it starts with love.”

Josh MacAlister, Foreword from the Chair- The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care, May 2022

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