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This is our place for parenting guides, information and links to parenting resources for specialist support needs.

Looking for specialist parenting help, information or parenting resources to help you with a particular issue? 

Here you'll find our parenting advice and guidance pages where you will be able to find specialist support and information. 

The government report by the social mobility commission found that parenting interventions can be successful - particularly those that focus on parenting styles, the creation of a supportive home learning environment, relationships within the family and parental stress and mental health.

Programmes can give parents a greater understanding of child development, develop parents’ confidence in their role and support both parents to become actively involved in a child’s upbringing.

  • We also know that positive parenting can lead to
  • Happier children with higher chances of good mental health
  • Confidence and better emotional health for parents and carers
  • A long-lasting positive effect on future generations
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Spurgeons Digital Family Hub

Our growing Spurgeons Digital Family Hub, with always available online resources supporting families with parenting after separation, disordered eating, families affected by imprisonment and more...

Parent Support Service

Spurgeons is working hard to make sure we can continue to support as many families as possible and provide parenting help where it's needed, so we are also offering online one-to-one support to parents.   

Parent support service

NAS Early Bird Plus and NAS Teen Life

NAS EarlyBird Plus (ages four-nine) and NAS Teen Life (ages 10-16) are support programmes for parents and carers. We offer advice and guidance using proven strategies and approaches to working with young autistic children.

NAS Early Bird Plus and NAS Teen Life

Parenting information and guidance: