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Ideas for charity fundraising A-Z

Here you’ll find a list of ideas for fundraising to help you fundraise for Spurgeons and change the lives of families who need us. 


ABBA evening - Host an Abba themed event to raise ‘Money, money, money’ to help families.

Auction - Get your community together to donate auction prizes and bid for the prize.

Afternoon tea – There's nothing better than getting together over tea and cake. You could even offer ‘take home’ afternoon tea boxes.

Art exhibition – Get creative yourself, with friends and family or bring together local artists for an art exhibition.


Bake sale – Whip up some cakes and sell to friends, family, at work or school.

BBQ – Invite friends and family or you whole community and cook up a storm for a good cause.

Bingo night – Practice your bingo calls and host everyone’s favourite game – Bingo! You’re guaranteed a full house with this event idea.

Bring & Buy sale – Ask for donations of items to sell and raise money to help families.


Celebration giving – Whatever you’re celebrating, Birthday, Wedding, Christmas, you could give up gifts and ask people to donate an alternative gift. Use a Just Giving page or Facebook Fundraiser as an easy way for people to donate.

Curry night – You could host it as home or ask your favourite Curry house. Not a fan of spicy food? Pick your favourite cuisine.

Coffee Morning – Nothing brings people together for charity better than a coffee morning. Don’t forget the cake.

Challenge yourself – Take on that Marathon you’re always wanted to do or set yourself your own challenge. Could be a cycling challenge, a walk or number of squats.

Carol Singing – Wrap up warm and bring joy to people this Christmas by carol singing. Don’t forget to check your local council for collection permit rules.

Church collection - Looking to support charity through your church? Host a collection for Spurgeons and help families.


Disco – Dust off your platform boots and give people the opportunity to boogie the night away.

Duck race – watch those ducks float down the river. Remember to collect them all in at the end.

Donate a purchase – Donate the price of something you would usual treat yourself to help families. The price of a new top or the coffee you would usually buy on the way to work. Go an extra step and give something up for a month and donate the amount you save.


Ebay for charity – time to declutter? Sell your old items on Ebay for charity. Select Spurgeons and we’ll get the money.

Easter celebration – Egg hunt, egg painting competition or full-on Easter family fun day.

Eurovision party - Think European themed fancy dress and food.


Fashion show – Bring together local businesses to show off their clothes in aid of a good cause.

Football sweepstake – Pick a prize and dish out the teams. Only the best will win. football not your thing? It works for any sporting tournament.

Fancy dress - At school, work or a community party, pick a theme and have fun.

Fun day – Bring your community together for a family fun day!


Golf day – A great way to get businesses and local people together for a day of golf.

Games night – whether it’s board or video games, get your friends together for a game's night or a gaming marathon. You could even live stream it.

Guess how many – Fill a jar with jelly beans or some other small sweets and ask people to guess how many are in the jar. A great one for both adults and children.


Hour of earnings – Donate an hour of your salary to help families.

Head shave – Be brave and shave off your hair, ask people to sponsor you.

Hiking – Grab those walking books and take on a walking challenge.


Icing competition – Prizes for best decorated cakes or host a speed icing competition.

I can’t live without it – Challenge yourself to give something up for a week/month. Your phone, chocolate.


Jam sale – You could make jam, chutneys, sweets or cakes. Whatever your speciality, people love homemade treats.

Jazz night – Host an evening with good music for people to enjoy.

Jaffa cake eating competition - Set a timer and see who can eat the most in that time


Karaoke night – Doesn't matter whether you can hit those high notes, it’s all for a good cause. Could charge an entry fee or fee per song.

Knitting – You could host a knit-a-thon or knit items to sell.


Lego building contest – Challenge yourself or friends to build the best Lego structure. Great for all ages.

Loose change – Commit to collect all of your loose change for the year and donate that to Spurgeons.


Mufti Day – Great for schools and at work. Remember we all have different circumstances so a donate what you might help families who are feeling the pinch.

Murder mystery evening – Whodunnit? Challenge friends and family to figure out the mystery N Name the Teddy – Name a teddy bear and ask people to guess the name.


Open gardens – Open your garden for people to enjoy the flowers, and hopefully sun.

Open Mic night – Host an evening for people to showcase their skills for an audience.

Oscars night – Host a viewing party and give friends and family the opportunity to get dressed up. Time to roll out the red carpet!

Office Olympics – Get competitive in the office and host fun Olympic style games. How about wastepaper shotput?


Plant sale - For the green fingered only, grow plants or flowers and sell them on your driveway or at a car boot.

Penalty shoot out tournament – Challenge people to beat the goalkeeper and hit the back of the net

Pyjama party – A fun and easy fundraising idea. Guests must come to the party in their pyjamas. Tickets are sold in advance.

Pottery Sale – This is one for everyone. Adults and children can paint pottery items and sell them.


Quiz night – Everyone loves a quiz! Whether you host it at a local pub or online, it’s guaranteed fun for all.


Run for families – challenge yourself to run a set distance or take part in an organised run.

Raffle – Add a raffle to an existing event, host in the office or as a stand alone raffle. Just remember to check raffle laws.

Rock and roll party – Host a rock and roll party and get people rocking round the clock.


Sponsored silence – Shh. We can’t speak, we’re being sponsored to be silent today.

Share a skill – Can you paint, knit, cook, play the guitar? Share your skill in exchange for donations, you could event host online skill sharing events.

Scavenger hunt – Set teams a series of challenges, riddles or clues. Winner is the team who get the most answers right.


Tombola – Bring on the summer fete vibes with a Tombola. Collect prizes and charge 50p a go.

Triathalon - Time to really challenge yourself. Sun, swim and cycle your way to

Tea Party - Time for tea. Whether you use tea bags or loose leaf, everyone will love this fundraiser.


University challenge – The quiz that tests even the best quizzers. Host a university challenge style quiz and put quiz teams up against each other to be crowned the victor.

Veg sale – sell your home grown veg, because nothing tastes better. Or why not host a vegetable show and challenge your community to grow the biggest and best veg.

Vintage show – Host a vintage show and allow people to show off their prized processions like classic cars


Wine tasting – host a cheese and wine evening, it’s for a good cause after all.

World food event – Take friends and family on a world tour through food.


X factor event – Host a talent show and let your community showcase their talents.

X marks the spot – Host a treasure hunt and challenge participants to be the first to find the treasure.


Yoga challenge – Host or take on a yoga marathon. And breath...


Zumbathon – Get ready to move, it’s time for high energy dancing at this event!

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