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Parenting after separation

You are the key to transforming your child’s experience of family breakdown.   

Support for separated parents 


If you are concerned for your children during your separation and are looking for support for separated parents try our course developed using the expertise of Spurgeons. 

Easy to watch animated parenting tools work alongside videos from our parent support team. This parenting after separation course demonstrates how to put the training into practice. 

Parenting after separation course 

Our parenting after separation course has been developed by practitioners to offer support for separated parents. We understand the challenges separated parents face. If you are separated from the other parent of your child, or in the process of separation then this parenting separation course can offer the essential support transforming your child’s experience of family breakdown. 


After divorce or separation, you may be feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Perhaps you are focused on the practicalities of your relationship breakdown, thinking about housing and finances? But what is happening in your child’s world?  

What can I expect from a parenting separation course 


Our content aims to help parents put their children’s needs first even at this most difficult and emotional time. It is evidence-based and tailor-made to support the whole family. 


Materials include animated videos, as well as useful downloadable tools and footage of parent support workers demonstrating some of the parenting techniques. 

This parenting separation course will help parents to:

  • learn how to build a positive relationship with their child
  • understand the causes of difficult child behaviour
  • learn behaviour management
  • look after themselves 

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What support for separated parents will the course offer?

You can be a great separated parent.  


The tools and techniques taught through this free online course offer support for separated parents. Divorce or separation will have left you emotionally vulnerable.

Any list of life’s most stressful situations put the ‘death of a loved one’ and ‘divorce’ right at the very top. So, we know that you may be going through great stress and changes yourself, and even grieving about the breakup. 

This course therefore starts with you, encouraging you to have courage in this time of grief. Your recovery and avoiding ongoing parental conflict will directly impact your child’s chances of happiness following separation.

The course explores: attachment, your child’s brain, emotional regulation, praise, setting boundaries, co-parenting not split-parenting, quality time (it’s not all about quantity), house rules, boundary setting and it is all freely available 24/7. Powerful strategies that can transform your house into a happy home.  

Read Simon's story

Simon was scarred by the trauma of his parents separating. So, when his own marriage broke down, he was determined that his own young daughter should not suffer.

‘Emily didn’t know all the facts around our separation. But it was clear she wasn’t her usual happy self. When she was with me, she would cry for her mum, and vice versa.’


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