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Parenting in difficult times

This course helped me to understand why my teenager seems to fly off the handle at the smallest thing.

Top tips to help you parent during the cost of living crisis

2023 has been another challenging year for families. Staying warm and keeping food on the table with rising fuel and food prices on top of rent and mortgage increases have kicked the cost-of-living crisis into high gear.

Alongside war in Europe and the residual impacts on young people of lockdowns there has never been a more difficult time to parent.

Sensitivity to fear and panic

Children and teens are sensitive to our feelings of panic and can become aware of our fears. Fear, like pain, can have a purpose. It is a vital response to physical and emotional danger.

If people didn’t feel fear, they wouldn’t be able to protect themselves from legitimate threats—which often have life-or-death consequences. Fear usually drives us to take urgent action.

However, children who are fearful can be traumatised. As parents we can help. We can model how to overcome fears and how to choose healthy coping strategies which in turn can help our children overcome their fears.

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  • Learn how a child’s brain works and how to help children manage anxiety
  • Practical steps to take to increase your child’s mental health
  • Managing sleep and social media for older children
  • How to respond to difficult questions in an age-appropriate way

The Parenting in difficult times top tips regular emails will help you during this challenging and unprecedented period of parenting.

From advice videos, to mental health articles and child-led activity tutorials, all content will be centred around you and your family, helping you navigate this “new normal”.

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My thanks will never be enough. Never, not in a million years, as there is no price tag on a mother’s relationship with her child


This course helped me to understand why my teenager seems to fly off the handle at the smallest thing… and how to deal with it both in the moment and longer term


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