Volunteer’s Week 2024: why are volunteers vital to Spurgeons?

A group photo outside the visitor's centre of Spurgeons Invisible Walls Volunteers, who are being honoured for their work in Prison Family Support.

Volunteer's Week is a celebration of volunteers all over the country and the incredible contribution they make to charities and organisations. Without volunteers many outreach programmes would cease to exist. 

Spurgeons is indebted to it's many volunteers, some of whom have been with us for years. 

Why volunteer with us?

There are a variety of reasons why people volunteer, including trying out new areas of work, building their CV, getting experience in a new area or giving back to the community. One thing is true for all volunteers: helping others is rewarding. 

Our volunteers take part in everything from supporting families to helping children with activities, and also help families affected by imprisonment connect and create a better future. 

The best thing about volunteering with Spurgeons is that you’re there to help people at a time which can be traumatic and difficult for them

Christina, a volunteer at our Invisible Walls prison service

'It's very satisfying when you have been able to point them in the right direction or listen when they want to confide,' she explains. 

Lib, a degree student and fellow HMP Winchester volunteer agrees: 'I'm able to have this amazing opportunity to do something positive and give back to society. I see the opportunity to do something positive and give back to society. I see the opportunities that fathers get to interact with their young children. Recently I was part of the family day where I provided different activities such as Lego and painting for the fathers to connect with their children. It was a lovely experience to be a part of.'

'When I've been in a situation and I understand how difficult it can be I then want to help others who find themselves in that situation,' says Kim, Parent Support Worker volunteer. 'Because I know how hard it can be, if I can reach out and be useful to them I find it hugely rewarding to be part of even the smallest impacts. I know what a difference support can make.'

The benefits of volunteering

As well as new skills, experience and meeting new people, volunteering can also provide you with improved mental health and a sense of purpose. It also helps you feel part of your community, and builds self-esteem. Volunteering has also been shown to be powerful against depression and anxiety, and helps those struggling with loneliness. 

Giving thanks to Spurgeons volunteers

Spurgeons is indebted to all of our incredible volunteers for their immeasurable contributions to the running of our services. 'Our volunteers' invaluable contribution of service and time are the cornerstone of our mission to support children and families, says our CEO Ian Soars. 

We are so fortunate to have such a passionate and supportive volunteer community. The compassion and care they demonstrate effects tangible change in the lives of those we assist.

Ian Soars, Spurgeons CEO

Would you be interested in volunteering for Spurgeons?

To find out about our volunteering opportunities and locations, email us at volunteerrecruitment@spurgeons.org.

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