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Birmingham Children's Centres and Family Hubs

Spurgeons Children’s Centres and Family Hubs offer a wide range of activities, children services and parenting courses in Birmingham for parents of children aged 0–19 years that will help you and your family to give your child the best start in life. Working together, we will support you to build on your strengths as a family.  

What do our children’s centres and family hubs do to support families?

Birmingham Family Hubs Logo

Spurgeons provides support to families in Birmingham.  As part of the Birmingham Forward Steps Partnership, we work with children aged 0 to 5 and our Family Hub online and in-person takes a whole family approach. So we can offer information, advice and support for families with children and young people from 0–19 years (25 with SEND).  Our family hub services and children centre services wrap around families to offer help where we are needed most.

Our experienced teams are based at our children's centre venues in Erdington, Perry Barr, Sutton Coldfield and Hodge Hill districts (including our Hodge Hill and Erdington Family Hubs) in partnership with Birmingham Forward steps, providing outreach services in local community venues. 

We support families with children to get the best start in life. Our Birmingham Children's Centre Services and Family Hubs offer parents and carers:

  • Information, advice and family support services in Birmingham including parenting courses and groups
  • Advice on how to access childcare provided by nurseries or childminders
  • Access to children health services including midwives, and health visitors
  • Support for children with specialist needs, including sensory rooms
  • Messy play, rhyme time sessions, baby group sessions and stay and play in Birmingham
  • Training and employment support links with Jobcentre Plus, local training providers, further and higher education institutions

My son has progressed so much. He started to give eye contact which he didn’t before. I’m so happy he was seen earlier as I feel more confident in supporting my son’s speech

  • A range of activities setup for an Easter themed stay and play activity day.
  • A table decorated in the theme of a book ahead of a family support day.
  • A sensory room at Lakeside Children's Centre.
  • A play and learn station for children over 1 at Birmingham Children's Centre.
  • A group photo of staff from Hodge Hill Family Hub holding toys donated for Birmingham Children's Centres.
  • Toys donated at Erdington and Sutton for family support in Birmingham.
  • hild Doing Easter Crafts At Lakeside Children's Centre as part of an Easter themed stay and play.

Our early years and family support in Birmingham:

Services for those who are pregnant or have a baby
  • Advice and support on what to expect when you have a new baby 

  • Advice and support on infant and newborn feeding 

  • Baby massage classes 

  • Fun activities to do with your baby, such as music and baby rhyme times 

Services for families with toddlers
  • Parenting programmes and advice to help you understand your child's needs and build your confidence as a parent 
  • Fun activities to do with your toddler such as messy play, rhyme time and stay and play sessions in Birmingham. Some centres also have outside play areas where children can explore and learn 
  • Access to free early years education for two-year-olds whose families receive particular benefits 
  • Information about free early years education for three or four-year-olds 
  • Help with gaining qualifications and considering employment opportunities and benefits 
  • We conduct IMDRs (Integrated Mandated Development Reviews) for children aged 24- 30 months using the Ages & Stages Questionnaires 
Services for families with children who have additional needs
  • Spurgeons Children's Centres can provide advice and support to parents and children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) 

  • Each Children's Centre can provide information on Birmingham's SEND Local Offer 

  • Some of our centres hold support groups and most have sensory rooms which are fully equipped to provide a safe, comfortable and stimulating environment for you and your child to play together 

Support for fathers

Dads are really important to children's lives and are welcome to come along and enjoy all of the services provided. 

Where are our Children's Centres and Family Hubs in Birmingham? 

The Spurgeons team work across four districts of Birmingham (Erdington, Hodge Hill, Perry Barr and Sutton Coldfield), and can be contacted via the details below: 


All Districts
  • Hodge Hill Family Hub

    Dyson Gardens Children's Centre

    145 Highfield Road,
    B8 3QF

    0121 752 1950
  • Erdington Family Hub

    Lakeside Children's Centre

    Lakes Road,
    B23 7UH

    0121 752 1970
  • Erdington District

    Featherstone Children's Centre

    29 Highcroft Road,
    B23 6AU

    0121 752 1870
  • Erdington Family Hub

    Castle Vale Children's Centre

    Yatesbury Avenue,
    B35 6DG

    0121 752 1920
  • Hodge Hill Family Hub

    Kitts Green Children's Centre

    45 Ridpool Road,
    Lea Hall,
    B33 9RB

    0121 752 1280
  • Hodge Hill District

    Tame Valley Children's Centre

    Chillinghome Road,
    B36 8QJ

    0121 752 1100
  • Perry Barr Family Hub

    Lime Tree Children's Centre

    Heathfield Road,
    B19 1HJ

    0121 752 1900
  • Perry Barr Family Hub

    Rookery Children's Centre

    Rookery Sports & Arts Centre,
    B21 9PW

    0121 752 1840
  • Sutton Coldfield Family Hub

    Holland House Children's Centre

    Holland Road,
    B72 1RE

    0121 752 1860
  • Hodge Hill District

    Anthony Road Children's Centre

    80 Anthony Road,
    B8 3AA

    0121 752 1930

Contact us

The Spurgeons team in Birmingham would be happy to answer any queries you may have. You can get in touch with us through the following options:


Erdington: 0121 752 1970

Hodge Hill: 0121 752 1280

Perry Barr: 0121 752 1900

Sutton Coldfield: 0121 752 1860

Frequently asked questions about Children's Centre Services in Birmingham:

What are Family Hubs?

Family Hubs bring together services for families with children and young people from 0 – 19 years (25 with SEND). The virtual and physical offer is a whole family approach to information, advice and support, where services wrap around families to offer help where it is needed.

What can children's centres provide?

Our children’s centres in Birmingham offer a safe space and inclusive space for families to seek out information and support, access parenting courses, and groups, as well as opportunities for children to learn and grow.

We will also be able to help you access specialist services, and support you in enabling your child and family to flourish.  

What is Birmingham Forward Steps?

Birmingham Forward Steps was formed in January 2018, and offers integrated health services and wellbeing support to families and children from pre-birth to the age of 5 years old. Improving outcomes for young children and their families, BFS aims to reduce inequalities between families in the greatest need and their peers in: 

  • Child development and school readiness  
  • Parenting aspirations and parenting skills  
  • Child and family health and life chances 
What happens at a children's centre?

At our children’s centres, we offer a range of family support services in Birmingham so parents can give their child or children the best start in life. Working with parents of children aged 0-5 in four districts, we work with you to build upon your strengths as a family.  

Visit the Birmingham Forward Steps website

The Birmingham Forward Steps Partnership has a dedicated website providing information for parents and professionals on the range of support available across the city

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Baby Tara*, born during lockdown, didn’t laugh or cry, not even for a feed or change. Her mum Katie* described their home as ‘the house of pure silence’. But Stepping Stones, a new Spurgeons service linked to Birmingham Forward Steps (BFS), enables Katie and other parents of young children with emerging special educational needs (SEN) to get reassuring early support tailored to their individual situations.
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