Sixteen Years in Care by David Meader

An old photo of David Meader as a toddler, is placed over another image of Spurgeons Birchington Children's home

Old Scholar David Meader has written movingly about his time in one of the Spurgeons Children’s Homes

Growing up in care is a challenge for any child. Especially when that child is an only child and has been effectively orphaned.

David had many questions about why he was in care and how he was ever going to successfully make his way in the wider world on his own.

He tells of how he struggled to make sense of his experience right into early adulthood. And of his meandering journey to faith and how he found healing for himself and the power to forgive others. Most of all, David’s story is a story of redemption and hope in the face of adversity. A story that still speaks today.

A journey to freedom from rejection, pain and loneliness. This book recounts David’s childhood of 16 years in the care of Spurgeons and the challenges he faced after he left, but was able to overcome, due to the love and care he received whilst growing up.

As an adult, David graduated from university and worked as a HR professional.  He then attended All Nations Christian College and worked for several years with WEC International in JAVA & East Timor.

David lives in London with his wife Else and their daughter Hayley.

The book is now available from all good bookstores and Amazon UK.

Spurgeons Old Scholars

Old Scholars are those supporters who spent some of their childhood living at Spurgeons Children’s Homes in Birchington and Reigate.

We encourage alumni to keep in touch with us and share their memories.

Read more about our heritage and Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

Gifts that keep on giving

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