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Our manifesto 2024

The General Election is just a few weeks away on July 4th. It is family that is important to us at Spurgeons and right now is the moment to address the problems facing too many children in our nation.

Spurgeons' Manifesto 2024

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At Spurgeons we are calling for greater investment in services and digital resources. We don’t want children and young people to wait for support. Parents can help their children flourish and all families can grow their resilience if we work together through local networks and the wider community. 

We are asking all political leaders to recommend:

1 - Accessible, expert counselling for children and young people to be provided in school. 

It’s no secret that young people’s mental health is in crisis, and we need to resolve this fast. Early intervention is the solution. Ring-fenced funding will mean children and young people receive help more effectively.


2 - A national agenda to deliver parenting programmes so that all families can benefit. 

We need to create a cultural shift where learning about parenting is seen as a welcomed rite of passage for all parents as their children grow up.


3 - Urgent reform of the Education Health and Care Plan process and provision within mainstream schools.

The places where we work are no exception to the national trend of increasing numbers of children on education health and care plans. Families are waiting too long for assessment and support; the system cannot cope and must change.


4 - We need political leadership to ensure an end to domestic abuse.

We recognise that identifying and responding to situations of domestic abuse are crucial wherever we deliver services, but we can only make a real difference if everyone working with families is equally vigilant.


To deliver this we need the following commitments:

5 - All upper tier local authorities can create local family hub networks. 

Recent investment in family hubs, (which build on the legacy of Sure Start children’s centres), must continue so that families get help. All families must be able to access resources and support when challenges arise.


6 - Support is offered to families with children aged 0-19 years (and to 25 for children with SEND).

Family problems can occur at any time through the course of childhood (not just when children are 0-5). The right help at the right time can prevent negative impacts on children.


7 - Voluntary, community and faith sector organisations are actively encouraged and equipped to deliver family hubs.

These family hubs, trusted by local communities will sustainably support disadvantaged families. Whether directly commissioned or welcomed into the local family hub network these hubs will reach further into areas where public sector providers struggle.


8 - Investment in local authority digital transformation at pace.  

Digital delivery is vital in helping all children get the best start for life. Digital increases efficiency, cost effectiveness and capacity. Whether infant feeding videos, enquiry handling or booking services, digital is fundamental.


Read our full manifesto here


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    98% of service users in 2022-23 would recommend us to friends and families
  • 95%
    More than 95% of families accessing our services tell us that things have improved from working with us
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    97% of families make progress across their lives when working alongside us and 63% of families have improved well-being
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    Parents report that their emotional health and parenting confidence increase by over 70%
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    64% of children and young people receiving counselling experience a meaningful positive change