What to expect

What to expect: Family Centres in Elmbridge, Surrey

Spurgeon's Family Centres in Elmbridge, Surrey provide parental support and activities for children aged 0-18 (25 Additional Needs and Disabilities), ensuring a strong foundation for your child's future.

Our Family Centres in Elmbridge, Surrey deliver a range of services and work with families to help give your child the best start in life.  

If your family has been identified as one that would benefit from the specialist support of a Family Centre in Elmbridge and Surrey.

The information on this page will help you to understand our role and how we are supporting families with children aged 0 – 11+ years old to get the best start in life.  

What's on at our Family Centres in Elmbridge, Surrey?

Download our poster to find out more about what's on at our Elmbridge Family Centres in Surrey.

Supportive Family Services - Elmbridge and Surrey Family Centres 

See information on Elmbridge Family Centre Services in Surrey including what to expect and how we can support you and your family:

Why are Elmbridge Family Centres working with me and my family?

Your family has been identified as one that would benefit from specialist support of a Family Centre. The information on this page can help you understand our role and will be provided to you at your first home visit. Alternatively, you can download a copy of our leaflet above.

What are Elmbridge Family Centres in Surrey?

Your Family Support Worker is based in the Elmbridge team. The Spurgeons team based in Elmbridge and Surrey work from three family centres in Walton, West Molesey (Three Rivers) and Cobham.

Spurgeons Charity provides this service on behalf of Surrey County Council. Spurgeons is a national charity with experience of providing targeted services for the most vulnerable children and young people.

Family Support Team - what we do

We want to build on your resilience as a family and empower you to be self-reliant. You will have a named Family Support Worker who will carry out work we agree with you, which could be short or long term. This could involve visiting you in your home, meeting you in the community, inviting you to group sessions such as parenting courses, domestic abuse programmes and other support. They may also see your children in school or nursery and attend meetings with you.

The things we do: 

  • Support you to provide basic care, ensuring safety for your children
  • Child behavioural development advice and support
  • Supporting you with emotional, mental health and well-being
  • Help you to build better family relationships
  • Support you in accessing financial assistance or employment advice
  • Support you and your family with meetings
  • Signpost you to other specialist services in the community

Whilst we are working with you, we will have an electronic file where we will record the work we carry out with you and the information you provide us.

Recording and data handling will comply with the requirements of GDPR legislation.

Upon working with us, you will be provided with a Fair processing consent form. This form will explain that we work closely with other services such as schools, nurseries, Health Visitors, Social Services and that we will share your information with them with your consent.

However, if we feel that you or your children are at risk of harm, we do not require consent.

For more information on our data sharing policies and how we keep your information safe please visit our Privacy Policy.

Family support agreement
  • We agree to complete the work planned as discussed in our first meeting.
  • We will let each other know if there is a change of arrangements or the need to cancel. This includes if a member of your household is unwell.
  • We will also expect you to cancel if you have a visitor in your home who has no involvement in the plan we are working on together.
  • Rebooking of cancelled appointments will be as soon as we can agree.
  • You understand if you have decided that you no longer wish to work with us, that you let us know, so we may offer our support to someone else. If we do not hear from you despite our best attempt we will close your file.
  • We have discussed with you that we believe there are positive ways to discipline children that are more effective and does not include smacking.
  • You understand that we are obliged to share information if there are safeguarding and domestic abuse concerns.
  • Any other agreements may be discussed at your first visit.

Spurgeons is committed to providing the best possible services for children, families and the community. If you are unhappy about something we are doing or have done, or feel there is something we should have done, but failed to, please tell us. Only with your help do we have the opportunity to put things right.

To request more information on feedback and complaints please contact elmbridge@spurgeons.org

Data protection - privacy notice

You will be given a privacy notice at your first visit. If you wish to have information on the data we collect, store and use regarding you and your family or if you want to ask a question, please contact the Children's Services Manager (Sally Ruby) at Surrey and Elmbridge Family Centres.

Find further contact information for Family Centre Services in Surrey

  • Spurgeons staff member watches on as a child is coached in sports activity.
  • Children waiting with a Spurgeons staff member for activities to begin.
  • Young boy carrying an oar, and getting ready for a canoeing activity.

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