Meet our new CEO Ian Soars

Ian, formerly CEO of Fegans, which was acquired by Spurgeons last July, has just been appointed to take Spurgeons on the next stage of its journey. As he explains, his new position brings together his personal and professional experience and his deep faith.

“My childhood was, you might say, unstable. I would go to school with bruises and injuries, but no help came my way. In my teens, I rebelled and often stayed away from home. But when I was twenty, a kind pastor took me under his wing for two years, by which time God had stripped away my skepticism and renewed my hope. I decided to follow Jesus and my faith has been central to my life ever since.

“I began a process of healing – I married the wonderful Nicky and we have three delightful daughters. I joined Hays plc, and over the next 18 years had increasing roles of responsibility, eventually leading the large bid and contracts team.

“Then in my thirties a serious health disorder consigned me to three months off work. It gave me time to think about why I was here and I promised God that I would go where He led. I became a trustee of different charities, one of which was Fegans who then asked me to be their CEO. I really felt it was a calling from God to ensure kids like me got the support they needed by bringing together statutory services, schools and churches in a protective safety net around them.

“I trained as a volunteer parent support worker, helping parents to raise their children to be resilient and have good mental health. I also ran workshops, as a volunteer, with recently separated parents, to help them support their children through that often traumatic process. This has helped me really appreciate the valuable, and at times difficult work that our staff and volunteers do.

“All of us, our supporters included, dream of a future where many more vulnerable children can have a life of happiness and hope. May God give us the grace to make that a reality.”

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