Dad Info: Spurgeon’s website and forum for dads

Dad enjoying an activity with his children on father's day

Father’s Day 2023 Spotlight

Dad Info: Spurgeon’s website and forum for dads

Did you know that Spurgeons run the biggest website for dads in Europe? For Father’s Day 2023 we wanted to highlight what a great resource Dad Info is and what it offers to fathers.

Father’s Day is the ideal time to celebrate all the incredible importance dads bring to their kids’ lives- but it’s worth remembering that parenting isn’t easy. As the old saying goes, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’- and Dad Info’s advice and forum can be part of that village.

Dads need support just as much as mums, and often don’t develop the same kind of friendships that women do. Having other dads to share the difficult parts of parenting with can really help lighten the load- leading to more joy in parenting on a day to day level.

Advice and information

Becoming a dad can be bewildering- but so can parenting a child at any age! Being a parent is tough and filled with frustrations as well as joy and love.

Dad Info offers new articles every week, covering everything from men’s mental health advice to how to deal with a stroppy teenager and everything in-between. If you’re a step-dad, we have helpful advice for you, and if you’re looking for fun things to do with your kids, we help with that too.

Dad Info also helps users who are going through divorce or separation, with a vast number of informative articles explaining the law, your rights, and child arrangements.

We also interview and feature those whose voice we feel our readers should hear; whether they be mental health campaigners, writers, or dads who have gone through a life-changing event.

Just use our helpful search function to find information on something specific.

A busy forum with professional input

Dad Info is also home to a thriving forum of over 41,000 users. The various forum areas are full of dads sharing problems and supporting each other. We have an ex-magistrate on the forum who can advise on legal matters and separation issues, and 3 Parent Support Workers who are trained to help families, all of whom monitor and reply to posts.

A father carrying his daughter up on his shoulders, celebrating father's day together

Our in-house therapist

Dad Info also offers a unique benefit: the opportunity to ask a professional therapist for advice on a difficulty in your life. Ask Debbie is where the Spurgeons Clinical Counselling Lead Debbie Pattison responds to our users’ problems with therapeutic advice.

You can email in your question and we will pass it to Debbie to answer.

Counselling with Spurgeons

As Dad Info is run by Spurgeons, we have the benefit of being able to offer dads online therapy. Men are three times more likely to die by suicide than women, yet often the least likely to ask for help.

Our professional therapists can talk to you conveniently at home via your phone or laptop. Sessions cost £48 each.

Daughter giving a present to her father on father's day

Why visit Dad Info?

Mums often have the benefit of meeting other parents at the school gate, or at play groups, which gives them the opportunity to talk to others. Dads often don’t have the same opportunities to meet other fathers, but still have the need to find information out and chat (or moan!) to other men.

This is where Dad Info comes in. Our parenting advice is tailored to dads, and our forum offers a free, anonymous way to chat 24/7. You’ll always find someone on our forums who understands your problem.

You can also sign up to our newsletter, which goes out bi-weekly and offers a round-up of advice and articles.

Whatever your parenting need, Dad Info has you covered.

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