Stay-at-home Rachel gets down to business

Stay-at-home Rachel gets down to business

Life during lockdown has been challenging for one colleague at our Holland House Children’s Centre, in Sutton Coldfield, though not without its rewards.
Rachel, who is undertaking an apprenticeship for a level 2 diploma in Business Administration with support from Spurgeons, has been getting her head down to her studies… with some very encouraging results.

Home is busier than ever now that Rachel is not only working from there but also caring for and homeschooling her three young children, then completing modules for her diploma once her key worker partner has finished work and the children are in bed.

But with her tutor describing her recent work as showing “a very good level of detail and understanding,” it seems the stay-at-home regime is paying off.

‘A massive juggling act’

“It’s all been a massive juggling act which has meant doing college work in the evenings when the children are asleep but that’s a small price to pay for the sense of achievement I’ve felt with the feedback from my tutor,” says Rachel.

“I set my mind to completing this apprenticeship so I can better myself and my family, so this hurdle isn’t going to get the better of me.

“But I couldn’t have done this without all the encouragement I’ve had from my friends, family and colleagues at Spurgeons, especially on the days when I’ve felt like giving up.

“I’m really looking forward to completing my apprenticeship and can’t wait to get back into the swing of things at the Children’s Centre once we’re at the end of this tunnel,” she added.

With focus like that, who can doubt she’ll get there!