Yours Faithfully

Full of feel-good stories that celebrate our Services, our colleagues, volunteers, funders, supporters, and partners, as well as the children and families we work with, Yours Faithfully is Spurgeons' very own quarterly magazine. You can request a digital copy of past and present issues on this page. Alternatively, if you would like to sign up to our mailing list and receive Yours Faithfully by post please contact supportercare@spurgeons.org. We hope you'll be inspired by these and more stories of the vital work that Spurgeons delivers in our local communities day-to-day, hopefully just as much as we are.

Yours Faithfully - Issue Ten

Summer 2021

In this edition of Yours Faithfully, we’re shining the spotlight on some of Old Scholars who share some lovely memories. We also remember one Old Scholar who deigned a very famous logo. Have a look at page 6 and see if you recognise it – we think you will...

We’re also reporting on some of the vital work our supporters have helped to make possible through the pandemic. In focus here are communities in Birmingham, children with dads in prison, and new mums. We hope you enjoy, and please feel free to drop us a line with any thoughts on what you’d like to see in future editions.

Yours Faithfully - Issue Nine

Spring 2021

In this edition of Yours Faithfully you will get just a small glimpse of the incredible work Spurgeons accomplishes each day thanks to our supporters through projects such as Norwich Connect, BeLeave and Invisible Walls.

You will read of how we are working with churches and the community in Wiltshire (Together for Families), and the efforts of one of our Young Carers to raise funds to help others in need over Christmas.

Yours Faithfully - Issue Eight

Autumn 2020

In this edition of Yours Faithfully, we report how Spurgeons’ teams have adapted and changed to the ’new normal.’

We have stories from our prison family support teams, where staff and volunteers have made packs to help families stay in touch with prison visits cancelled; our team in Peterborough, who are using Facebook to present reading and story time sessions for toddlers; Young Carer WhatsApp groups; and examples of supporting those at risk of domestic abuse through video conferencing.

Yours Faithfully - Issue Seven

Summer 2020

This special Supporting Dads issue of Yours Faithfully turns to magician and comedian Steve Legg to get us under way with his light-hearted look at fatherhood.

We then go on to give special focus to our work supporting dads and their families,
especially in prisons.

Finally, in a back-cover tribute to the extraordinary efforts made by all at Spurgeons to continue to serve vulnerable children and families during the coronavirus lockdown, we've turned our regular 'A day in the life' into 'A day in the lives' feature, profiling the Birmingham Forward Steps programme.

Yours Faithfully - Issue Six

Spring 2020

In this edition of Yours Faithfully, we report how Spurgeons’ projects stood alongside a prestigious line-up of finalists chosen from around 600 entries at the 2019 Children & Young People Now Awards, seen by many to set the Gold Standard for those working with children, young people and families across the UK.

A large part of Spurgeons' mission is, of course, focused on the work of our 27 Children's Centres across the country. We've given a double-page spread, this issue, to the stories that demonstrate our continued commitment to supporting mums and their newborns and soon-to-be-borns.

Yours Faithfully - Issue Five

Autumn 2019

In this edition of Yours Faithfully our volunteers are profiled in a report on our 2019 Volunteer Awards, acknowledging the tremendous, loving and selfless commitment of all our volunteers from all parts of the Spurgeons family. 

We focus on the work of our BeLeave team and how the Comic Relief funded early intervention programme works with young girls to help them to raise their self-esteem and aspirations.

Then there's the exciting news of Spurgeons success in this years Children and Young People Now Awards.

Yours Faithfully - Issue Four

Spring 2020

In this edition of Yours Faithfully, read how one award-winning initiative at HMP Norwich is reconnecting children with their dads through the magic of storytelling.

Follow Ross Hendry, Spurgeons CEO down memory lane, retracing his holiday visit to two places with a prominent place in Spurgeons' history.

Finally, we consider the young carers we support and the silence that many more of them are faced with as part of Young Carers Awareness Day.

Yours Faithfully - Issue Three

Autumn 2018

In this edition of Yours Faithfully we examine the early help crisis affecting many families across the country and how Spurgeons is helping even more families than before through the development of a number of new services. 

We take a look at how our Together for Families project in Northampton hosted a number of free activity sessions to help support local children and parents during school holidays and announce our new partnership with national domestic abuse charity SafeLives and partners from the Norfolk Community Safety Partnership is piloting new approaches to improve outcomes for individuals and families experiencing domestic abuse.

Yours Faithfully - Issue Two

Autumn 2017

In this issue, you will see a summer of celebrations and an exciting future ahead as we mark our 150th anniversary as well as supporting our Every Child Week campaign.

We also discuss the launch of our Parent Report which highlighted parents' concerns and hopes for their children.

Giving hope to every child is ingrained in Spurgeons; and our new projects across the country demonstrate this desire from our new BeLeave project, preventing girls in Birmingham from getting into gangs to working with those affected by domestic violence through our Recovering Together programme in Wiltshire.

Yours Faithfully - Issue One

Spring 2017

In this edition of Yours Faithfully Spurgeons prepares to turn 150 and reflects on our exciting new re-brand as we demonstrate greater confidence and clarity of our purpose and mission. 

Throughout the issue we look at the impact we have on those who need us most. From the Phoenix Project, which helps children and parents learn the dangers of Child Sexual Exploitation; through to raising awareness of the young carers as part of Young Carers Awareness Day.

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