Musings from Mia: Spurgeons Prison-based Family Support Services

Musings from Mia: Spurgeons Prison-based Family Support Services

6-year-old Mia* whose dad is in prison shared these insights when she visited the prison on a Spurgeons Family Day.

‘We had to wait for nearly an hour, but it’s worth the wait because you get to see your lovely dad and you get to hug him you get to read him stories… he said I am a very good reader… you’re allowed to go on your dad’s shoulders and you get to say funny jokes and you get to be with your dad and show your dad every single trick you can do nearly.

‘Today we have been… making arty crafty stuff. Like the little glass things what you paint. My mummy told me I can put it in my school bag which means I can think of my daddy every single day.

‘My dad is very strong and very helpful with things. If we get stuck with our like maths, even if he is not there and is on the phone I can still understand him… even though I haven’t seen him for two years, it’s like he’s always been next to me.

‘Every single day he calls up on the telephone. I always want to say something like “I wish you could be here right now” or “I wish you could know when you are coming home.”

‘My daddy says “I love you”… It makes me feel happy and makes me feel like every single day he thinks about me when he wakes up.

‘Daddy I love you and I’ll always be next to you in my dreams.’

*Child’s name has been changed.

About Spurgeons Prison-based Family Support Services:

Spurgeons delivers family support services at HMP Winchester. These services provide family support services for prisoners and their families and friends who visit them, with a particular focus on children and strengthening family relationships. We appreciate how important prison visits are for everyone involved. Our aim is to make them less daunting so that the time spent together helps families to reconnect in a positive way. We are always here to offer practical and emotional support.

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