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Birmingham Young Carers

Spurgeons Young Carers Birmingham provides support and help for young carers up to the age of 18. We split our groups into three age groups;  5-10s, 11-14 and 15+. 

Spurgeons Birmingham Young Carers is a place where young people with caring responsibilities can access the information, support and services that they need.


Haider's story

Help for young carers

We encourage young carers in Birmingham to talk to someone they trust about needing support. This could be a parent, relative or a teacher at school. 

If you identify that someone may be in a caring role, show them this website and ask them to talk to us to see if we can help. It is important that they always talk to someone if they’re worried or upset. There is always someone who can help. 

So proud of my little man and so pleased we found Spurgeons who have been a huge support especially through the lockdown and helping him deal with the loss of his nan

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What we do to provide support for young carers in Birmingham:

  • Whole family support and information and advice


  • Groups and activities during the school holidays


  • One-to-one support with a dedicated worker


  • Help to access other support services


  • Training opportunities, e.g. first aid, or building self-esteem and confidence


  • Telephone and face-to-face support for young carers in Birmingham



  • Transition into the adult carers service

Make a referral

Anyone can make a referral to Birmingham Young Carers Unite.

Referrals are followed up with a home visit to assess the level of care being provided.

You can either complete the referral form with as many details as you can and:

email it back to or return it to our office.

You can also contact us on 0121 638 0876  to have any questions answered.

Think you may be a young carer? Explore how we can support you:

How can we support you?

This is something we will talk to you about to see how you are feeling. We may be able to help you understand more about the condition of your mum, dad, brother or sister. There may be things we can do to help you cope with being a young carer, if you are having problem at school or need someone you can talk to because you feel upset, angry or worried. We want you to see that you are not the only one and you are not alone. 

Can we support you in getting more help for the person you look after?

A Support Worker will arrange to meet with you for a chat about your caring at home and how we can best support you; this may mean that we contact other services that can also help you and the person you look after. 

I think I am a young carer; can I make a referral for myself?

If you are under the age of 18 years, then we usually need parental permission for you to be able to join our service and make a referral yourself. Ask your parent/carer to get in touch. Or talk to someone you trust and ask them to contact us to see how we can help you. This could be another adult, teacher, or tutor. Always talk to someone if you have any worries or concerns. 


Further support from the Spurgeons Young Carers Team:

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A huge ”Thank You!” to Spurgeons supporters from our Young Carers
Smiling young woman, illustrating the gratitude for Spurgeons supporters.
A huge ”Thank You!” to Spurgeons supporters from our Young Carers
The Young Carers Festival: a yearly opportunity for respite and friendship
A sign for the Young Carers Festival
The Young Carers Festival: a yearly opportunity for respite and friendship