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Box breathing exercise

Are you a parent who experiences anxiety, or someone who is just looking for an opportunity to detach and find some clarity? Explore the benefits of box breathing with this easy-to-follow video animation. 

Get started with the box breathing technique.

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What is box breathing?

The box breathing method, also known as square breathing, is a calming technique used to slow down the breath while distracting the mind. 

By concentrating on the count of four on both the inhale and the exhale, you will calm the nervous system down, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. 

How does it work?

Inhale - 4 seconds

Exhale - 4 seconds

Inhale - 4 seconds

Exhale - 4 seconds


Calming breathing exercises

Are you a busy parent? Looking for a little time to yourself to reduce anxiety symptoms or simply a moment to relax? Then you’ve come to the right place. 


Here at Spurgeons Charity we understand that parenting with anxiety can be challenging. That is why we have put together this interactive and visual box breathing exercise that is suitable to use independently, or with your children and family. 


Take a moment to watch along with the animation and repeat as many times as necessary to bring a sense of calm. The box breathing method is a great way of regulating your breathing, and gently reducing any anxious sensations felt within the body and slowing down the breath. 

Benefits of the box breathing technique

Calming breathing exercises are a simple technique which helps to slow the breathing and relax the nervous system. 

This visual breathing exercise is perfect for calming down in those anxious moments when we feel overwhelmed.

What are the benefits of box breathing?

There are a range of benefits to engaging in this practice: 


• Calms the nervous system 
• Helps the body cope with increased levels of stress 
• Reduces the physical symptoms of stress 
• Has a positive effect on emotional and mental health 
• Increases clarity and focus 

Tips for using this box breathing exercise

• Remaining present is crucial to achieving the desired effects of box breathing on reducing anxiety symptoms. 

• Find somewhere quiet so that you can focus on your breath without interruption. 

• To remain present during your practice, place a hand on your abdomen or chest to feel the movement of the breath within the body. 

• Focus on the cold air as it passes your nostrils on the in-breath, and the warm air on exhalation. 

• Relax the muscles as you engage with your breathing 

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