Coping with Dad in prison

Coping with Dad in prison Image

During a Family Day visit Spurgeons staff noticed that 14 year old Jade*, visiting her imprisoned father Mark*, was sitting with him crying and obviously in distress. Staff mentioned to Jade’s mother Carol* that she seemed upset and asked how things were going.

Carol confided that the family was having a difficult time. Jade was upset and struggling to cope emotionally with her dad being in prison and her school work was really suffering. Carol had asked the school for help, but they seemed unable to do anything for them. Staff checked out which school Jade attended and recognised that it was one linked to another Spurgeons service in the local community.

Members of the service had been invited to assist on the Family Day as part of joint partnership work. The manager spoke with Jade and Carol about their situation and took their details as a referral, arranging for the link worker based at Jade’s school to visit them and put an appropriate support plan in place. Jade successfully engaged with the service and completed a series of one to one sessions with the link support worker.

Carol was extremely grateful for the intervention and told Spurgeons that although she had been asking for help since Mark was taken to prison, this was the first time anyone had been able to offer the family any support for their situation.

*All names have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.