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Mental health resources

Looking for practical guidance to support your child with their mental health? Here you can find a range of professionally informed tips, handbooks, templates and guides. 

Our easy to use and download mental health resources offer practical guidance and support for you and your family's mental health. Scroll down to choose from the options below:

Box breathing exercise

This box breathing animation, also known as square breathing can be used as a calming technique to slow down the breath and distract the mind. 

Simply watch along, by clicking the link below, and repeat as many times as necessary. This is a great way to regulate the breathing, and gently reduce any anxious sensations. 

Self-soothe box

When we feel overwhelmed and anxious, it can be difficult to ground ourselves in the present moment and create a sense of calm. Having a self-soothe box can help you to relax and reduce anxiety and panic, when things become difficult. 

Self-harm safety plan

Everyone has the right to feel safe. A safety plan is a tool for helping someone navigate suicidal or self-harm urges. We have put together a template so you can work together with your child to make a plan. 

Read the guide either by yourself or with your child to support you to use the safety plan. 

Download our template below. 

Parent's guide to managing intrusive thoughts

Read our parent's guide on how to help a child with intrusive thoughts. We have included a range of tips, advice and guidance including a worksheet that you can use together with your child to put their thoughts on trial. 

We have also included an example so you can give your child the strategies they need to challenge irrational thinking. 

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