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Self-soothe box

Looking for tools to help you or your child during times of stress, anxiety and overwhelm? Download our useful tips on what to include and how to make your very own self-soothe box for finding some comfort and relaxation. 

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How to make your own self-soothe box

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Creating your own self-soothe box

When we feel overwhelmed and anxious, it can be difficult to ground ourselves in the present moment and create a sense of calm. Whether you are looking for something to help yourself, a fellow adult or a child within your care, a self-soothe box can help you to relax and reduce anxiety and panic.

Physical tools like this one are unique to each individual and are great for supporting anyone of any age. It can often be challenging to identify what helps you when you are actually in distress and feeling overwhelmed. By creating a self-care box in advance when you are not feeling so overwhelmed, you feel more prepared for the times you are not able to think so clearly. A self-soothe box can help you tap into the things that help you feel grounded and calmer, without having to scramble around for activities and distractions that might not be as helpful.

Here, you will find a list of handy ideas of what you can include in your own toolkit to help you to cope with difficult situations and emotions.

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What can I put in my self-soothe box?

When creating a self-soothe box, there are no specific rules around what should be included. We are all unique, and its about finding what works for you to create a sense of calm. 

It is often helpful to select a range of things that appeal to your senses, and to distract you from any negative emotions that you may be feeling. This may be something calming to smell, or something to listen to or look at that reminds you of positive and happy times. This can help you think about the people you have around you, and those who you can turn to when things become difficult.

Still need some inspiration? If you are helping your child to create their own self-sooth box, then it can be helpful to ask questions that encourage them to have an open mind, when deciding what helps them. You could ask them what their favourite song is, what films make them laugh, or make them feel good, do they have a toy or teddy that makes them feel better? The possibilities are endless, so it is always good to approach this activity with an open mind.

For a full list of handy ideas on what you can include in your own soothing box, download our handy list of ideas.

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What is self-soothing?

Self-soothing refers to behaviours we use to regulate our emotions, and create a sense of calm by ourselves. These behaviours often provide comfort when we feel anxious or overwhelmed and are an effective tool for grounding us in the present moment.

Most of us have had some experience in soothing others, especially children if you are a parent or care giver. Sometimes, though, we need to show ourselves the same sense of compassion, which is where the art of self-soothing comes in.

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Get tips on what to include in your own self-soothe box.

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