6+ Easter Activities for kids

A family engaged in Easter activities for kids.

The Easter holidays are upon us and the children have two weeks to be kept entertained!

Here are some fun, simple Easter crafts for kids:

Fingerprint Bunnies 

Materials needed:


Paper plate

Paper or card


(Great to use if you are crafting your own Easter cards.)


  1. Wash and dry hands thoroughly before starting.
  2. Carefully pour out the paint onto a paper plate, so you can your child can press your fingers into the paint. If you are using different colours, a good rule of thumb is to use different fingers for different colours. 
  3. Press a fingertip into the paint, making sure your child's fingertip is evenly coated. 
  4. Gently press your painted fingertip down onto the paper or card, making sure that the paint is transferred cleanly. 
  5. Then, using your pen, add details such as ears, eyes and whiskers.
Father and daughter engaged in Easter crafts activities

Sponge painting

Materials needed:





Marker pen

  1. Firstly, using your marker pen, draw out the shape onto your sponge, so you have a template to use for printing.
  2. Gently and carefully cut around your marker template into the shape you need, whether that be as a simple as an egg, or if you really want to get technical, you could have a go at your very own Easter bunny sponge print. 
  3. Pour out your paint, and gently dip your sponge into it making sure that the surface is evenly coated. 
  4. Then, press your shape down onto the card, and allow it some time to dry. 
  5. Once dry, you can then get to decorating or adding details to your print, such as eggciting patterns and shapes. 

Sensory bags

Materials needed:

Plastic zip-lock bag


Any items you want to include such as - gels, paints, little eggs or any other objects relating to your Easter theme. 

  1. Unlock your zip bag and fill with your items.
  2. Mix the items around thoroughly for a full sensory experience. 
  3. Zip your bag and apply tape around the top for added security and to avoid any mess. 

Eggbox chicks

Materials needed:

Empty eggbox


Orange card

A black pen


  1. Cut the eggbox up so that the pieces stick together as if to make six individual egg boxes to fit one egg each.
  2. Glue the rims together. 
  3. Paint the boxes- each chick (box) could be a different colour, or they could all be yellow. 
  4. Cut out a long triangle for each chick to make a beak. 
  5. Stick a beak on each chick roughly where the rims are stuck together. 
  6. Use your pen to draw eyes just above the beak. 
A father and son engaged in Easter crafts for kids

Bunny handprints

Materials needed: 

Coloured paper

White and pink paints


Black pen

  1. Select a piece of coloured paper.
  2. Paint the palm of your hand white, and your fingers, but minus your thumb. 
  3. Separate your fingers into twos- these when pressed onto paper will create the bunny's ears. 
  4. Press your hand down firmly onto the coloured paper. 
  5. Use pink paint to add pink inner ear detail to the middle of both ears, and paint a nose in the middle of the palm print. 
  6. When the paint is dry, draw eyes, whiskers and a mouth on your bunny. 

Paper plate chicks

Materials needed:

Paper plates

Yellow paint

Orange card

Yellow craft feathers


Black pen

  1. Paint the entire surface of a paper plate yellow. This will become the body of the chick.
  2. While it is drying, cut out legs and feet plus a beak from orange card. 
  3. When the paint is dry, stick on some yellow feathers, either all over the plate (leaving a gap for the eyes and beak), or one feather on each side to make wings. 
  4. Attach the legs and feet by sticking them under the edge of the plate, and glue the beak in the middle. 
  5. Draw eyes on using black pen. 

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