What is sibling rivalry?

By Gaelle Coyle | February 1, 2023
How do siblings go from playing perfectly to fighting furiously, in a matter of seconds. Not only is the shift quick and pronounced, but children seem to have a built-in timer — they know the exact moment you sit down…

Should I let my child walk to school?

By Gaelle Coyle | January 19, 2023
The average primary school journey is just 1.6 miles. Yet one in four cars on the road during the morning peak are doing the school run. Encouraging children to walk, cycle or scoot can reduce congestion and pollution around the…

Separation and how to protect children’s mental health

By Gaelle Coyle | January 17, 2023
The start of the year is traditionally when a flurry of new clients approach divorce lawyers. It’s thought this occurs because January is the time for ‘fresh starts’, plus the Christmas period can prove stressful. Separation has a huge impact on children.…

How to make the most of your Christmas leftovers

By Spurgeons | December 27, 2022
Christmas Day is over. You’ve eaten your way through thousands of calories. You may think the fun is all over, but you can easily put leftover Christmas dinner, pudding, and buffet ingredients to work in these super easy, delicious ideas.…

Are there hidden hazards under your Christmas Tree?

By Spurgeons | December 19, 2022
Are the toys you’ve bought for Christmas safe? There are a number of potential hazards to children that may be lurking under the tree. We show you how to ensure your family is safe this Christmas. Check for Safety Marks…

Sharing the Christmas story as a family

By Spurgeons | December 13, 2022
It’s the time of year when the calendar quickly fills up with more and more places to be and things to do as festivities around the Christmas season commence. But the ‘season of joy can also bring the pressure of…

How to cope with family tensions at Christmas time

By Spurgeons | December 9, 2022
The image peddled by adverts of happy families sitting around a Christmas table together is often not the normal Christmas experience for many. The festive season can bring up emotions and frustrations between family members, and for those being confronted…

The benefits of eating together as a family

By Spurgeons | December 3, 2022
As busy parents it can be tempting to shovel our food down on the sofa while the kids watch a cartoon. With our daily lives so busy, it can feel like too much effort to sit down to eat together.…

How to shop early and save money this Christmas

By Spurgeons | November 28, 2022
If the cost of living crisis is making you worried about your Christmas budget then the following tips may help you to have an equally great Christmas for less. While you may feel like you don’t want to let your…

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