Inspiring visits highlight resilience and commitment for Spurgeons CEO

Inspiring visits highlight resilience and commitment for Spurgeons CEO

‘‘Since March one of the biggest changes to my role as Chief Executive has been not meeting up with colleagues and visiting services in person. Although we began reopening sites as early as May, health and safety guidance, local restrictions and not wanting to be a burden on others means it is only now that I can start visiting projects across the country again.

Last week I was able to meet some of our teams in HMP Bure, HMP Norwich and our domestic violence project, Norwich Connect. The resilience and commitment of everyone was inspiring. They have kept going and found ways to work within the restrictions placed upon us, but still in ways that help and support our beneficiaries.

I’m no great photographer but was able to take some selfies with colleagues in each project, together with the WI-made teddies in HMP Bure which are helping dads and children share hugs and play together even though they can’t touch one another.

It has been a tough six month for everyone, and we all know there will be many more difficult times ahead. Being able to be back in a service, to support one another as well as supporting the families we work with is so important for many of us at Spurgeons, and I want to thank the teams that welcomed me last week for their hospitality, honesty in sharing their highs and lows over the last few months, and for their faithfulness in serving those in need.

I am looking forward to visiting other services over the coming weeks. It is a chance to listen, share, encourage and inspire. A chance for me to say thank you.’’

-Ross Hendry, Chief Executive – Spurgeons Children’s Charity.