Is Black Friday really worth it?

Is Black Friday really worth it?

It’s tempting, isn’t it? The promise of bargains, money saved and Christmas all wrapped up. However, once you look beyond the gloss and excitement of Black Friday, are the deals really worth it?

Do I need it? Can I afford it?

The first thing to consider when considering hitting the sales is whether the purchase is actually necessary. Do you actually need that new TV, regardless of the £500 price slash? Stores also tempt purchasers by offering pay over 3 months deals via Klarna or PayPal. Such offers can make it seem like an easier purchase to swallow. But, will those payments cause problems down the line?

Do your research

Black Friday deals aren’t always great offers. If there is something you really want to get, then research prices across the board before the day. That way, you can see what the item really goes for on average. The ‘discounts’ aren’t always cheaper. There are helpful sites that show the price changes- one is CamelCamelCamel, which tracks Amazon prices.

Don’t buy for the sake of it

One of the sales tricks of Black Friday is the lure of cheap deals for a short time only. The panic of missing out can make you hit ‘add to basket’ without full consideration. Unless you know that the price in front of you is definitely a good offer, and the item is one you already wanted, think again.

Beware older models of products

You may think you’re being offered a great price for that tablet or mobile, but chances are if the price is heavily slashed it is an older model. To be sure, check model numbers.

Step away from the impulse buys

The Black Friday hysteria can instil a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) in us. It can tempt us to shop for products we wouldn’t normally be interested in, for the sake of getting a ‘bargain’. One way to avoid making costly mistakes is to consider whether you’d be looking at those items to buy if it weren’t Black Friday.

Set a budget

To avoid going into debt over attractive deals, go into Black Friday with a set budget. Decide what items you’re looking for ahead of time, be it tech products for yourself or Christmas toys for the kids, and don’t overspend.

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