Now seldom seen speech service still very much heard

Now seldom seen speech service still very much heard

We’ve all been missing each other over the last few weeks, whether it’s friends, family, colleagues or clients. Thankfully, technology has helped us stay connected, with many new social media platforms really coming into their own.

One Spurgeons colleague who’s been especially grateful for this technology is Maxine Soden-Field, our Language Through Play Lead from the Sutton Coldfield District of our Birmingham Forward Steps programme.

Providing speech and language support for children and their families, where the child has speech and language delay, Maxine has been tested by the reality of not being able to meet up face-to-face for regular weekly sessions.

Virtual Support

Undaunted, Maxine has kept up, even increased her regular ‘contact’ with families by giving virtual support, using telephone, email and Facebook.

Grateful for the contact

“All the 16 families I’ve spoken to were grateful for the contact and happy to engage in a virtual way, to discuss the issues that their children have been having with their speech and language challenges,” said Maxine.

“They’ve shared with me things they’ve tried and have been happy to take advice and strategies, accepting ideas that they can use now while the group isn’t currently running.”

“We’ve talked about behaviour and how the lockdown is affecting them, with families saying how they’ve been coping, accepting the situation and the need to stay safe.”

Maxine and the Speech and Language team are currently working up ideas for Talking Tips and how they can be implemented with families through activities.

As someone once said, it’s good to talk.