Spurgeons Children's Counselling Services

Fegans charity, which provides professional and effective therapeutic service to communities throughout the UK, is now owned by Spurgeons who now manages the counselling, parent support and preschool services.  

We are in the process of compiling a new website that incorporates all of our services together (due to launch in October 2023) but until then, please visit Fegans website for more information and to complete a referral to the counselling and parent support services.

"The attendance of pupils who have had counselling has improved dramatically, and behavioural incidents have been reduced for the most challenged pupils.

Families have been massively supportive. They notice improved behaviour and communication, and we can also see that the children who have benefited from the service have made more rapid progress in their academic learning than was previously expected."


"In our sessions, we unjumbled my thoughts, feelings and behaviour. I feel so much better now - when I start to panic, I can calm myself down really quickly. I'm also sleeping better now and I don't feel so overwhelmed."



Counselling Services for Schools

Many schools are struggling with issues such as exclusion, behavioural challenges, self-harm, extreme anxiety, eating disorders, depression or children who have simply withdrawn into themselves.

It is often difficult for schools to find solutions for children who are facing these issues within the context of the normal school routine.

The last 18 months have exacerbated the situation and in the last three months alone, nearly 200,000 young people have been referred to mental health services*, almost double pre-pandemic levels.

Our services currently run in 140 schools but there are so many vulnerable children and young people who still need help and support to deal with life’s challenges.

The positive impact of counselling can be life-changing for children. Before counselling, 63% of children referred to us described themselves as having low well-being. After counselling the positions reversed, with 83% of children having moderate or high wellbeing.

*Royal College of Psychiatrists (September 2021)
** Actors have been used in the photography to protect clients' identities

To find out more about Fegans and our services, please click here (www.fegans.org.uk)

Support for parents of children with an Autistic Spectrum Condition

Bringing up a child with autism can be both challenging and rewarding.

Our Parent Support Workers have been supporting an increasing number of families who have children with an Autistic Spectrum Condition. We offer two National Autistic Society courses - the EarlyBird Plus course for 4-10 year olds, and the Teen Life course for 11-16 year olds - to help parents understand more about autism and how to best support their children. The focus tends to be on communication, routine and social understanding to reduce anxiety and then to empower and equip parents and their children to manage challenges.

Find out more about supporting a child with an Autistic Spectrum Condition

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