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School counselling services

Spurgeons provides counselling in schools for primary and secondary children and school staff throughout England. Our counselling services can be the solution you are looking for when it comes to helping with mental health in schools.

Spurgeons provides affordable, accessible and effective counselling in schools to support for children and school staff.

Mental health in schools 

Most schools have children or young people that are struggling with issues such as anxiety, exclusion, behavioural challenges, self-harm, depression or children have simply withdrawn into themselves. Often schools struggle to find solutions for children who are facing these issues within the context of the normal school routine. 


Spurgeons school counselling services can be the solution you are looking for when it comes to helping with mental health in schools.  

We can provide qualified counsellors to deliver school counselling for children, and school staff working within a school and addressing some of those issues that can be so challenging for schools to resolve. 

If children and young people can have the ‘tools’ in their emotional toolbox to navigate life’s difficulties then it gives them improved outcomes for their education, relationships and ultimately their future. Through counselling for teenagers and children, we can help your pupils to put these ‘tools’ into practice.  

In 2022 alone, we counselled 1,385 children and young people. 


Spurgeons counsellors currently provide individual child counselling in schools, community settings, in our own centres and online. 


Online counselling

Spurgeons provides online counselling for children, young people and adults. We offer this service through a secure video link on Teams.  

Online counselling

Frequently asked questions about our school counselling services: 

Where are we based?

Our mental health counsellors are currently in 152 schools and five centres across the South East and providing online counselling support nationwide. We are continually growing into new areas as demand requires us. If you would like to discuss counselling options for your school, please contact us. 

How much is an hour’s counselling?

An hour of counselling with a Spurgeons BACP qualified counsellor will cost the school £53. 

How many hours can you provide?

Our Head of Partnerships can discuss this with the school, we’ll be guided by your budget and your needs. 

We have a minimum requirement of two hours per week in any one school. At primary school age, three children can be seen in two hours 

Do you provide group counselling support?

Most of our work is one to one as the issues we deal with in sessions are complex and personal. 

Once a Spurgeons counsellor is appointed to the school, what is the process?

The school will be asked to provide a list of students they feel could benefit from counselling. Permission from the parents will need to be obtained and the school will also handle the waiting list. 

What does a school mental health counsellor do?

Our counsellors provide talking therapy which involves talking about and/or exploring; with art, play, sand tray work, reading of stories, role play or games and other creative materials, the client’s feelings, thoughts and experiences.  


Our approach is non-directive, non-judgmental, congruent and empathic, with a focus on understanding and respecting boundaries within a safe confidential environment facilitating the child and young person to better understand their emotions, develop coping skills and build emotional resilience.