Spurgeons visit New Wine to launch our church family hubs

Spurgeons' presentation at the New Wine event to launch family hubs

This week we are at the New Wine event in Kent, meeting families and church leaders to share the news about our family hubs.  

The Spurgeons team pose for a photo at the New Wine event to promote family hubs

What is a family hub?

A family hub is based within the local community, offering outreach in the form of a range of services for families, including family support, parenting advice and support, counselling, domestic abuse support and preschools with onsite family support in areas of intense need. 

Spurgeons is hoping to partner with 50 churches to create family hubs by 2025. Attending New Wine has been a way for us to connect and get to know church leaders, in a bid to reach our goal.  

"For decades toddler groups and holiday clubs in local church halls have been lifelines for families across the nation," says Rachel Dyer, Head of Partnerships Development at Spurgeons.

In a time of increasing socioeconomic challenges, the UK Church can do more. There has been a staggering 50% decline in local authority spending for early intervention services in the UK. Churches have an opportunity to step up and fill the void in a truly unique way.

Rachel Dyer - Head of Partnerships
Spurgeons CEO and a colleague giving a presentation to launch Family Hubs at the New Wine event

Saving lives and providing hope for the future

With increasing waiting lists impacting those who require mental health support, Spurgeons hopes to offer earlier interventions via family hubs.  

‘We need better ways of helping and supporting people who find themselves in need before they hit a crisis point,’ says Rachel. ‘The number of children waiting for services or who are highly vulnerable is rising and more early intervention and support is critical to prevent and minimise the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) on this and future generations. We believe that this strategy of church family hubs could finally build a fence at the top of the cliff that stops people from falling off the edge.’ 

A very colourful children's play area at the New Wine event

Spurgeons at New Wine

The Spurgeons tent at New Wine is offering seminars, parenting taster sessions, an under 5’s play area, and pebble painting and games for older children.

There are also counsellors and parent support workers on site who are available to talk to visitors in a screened-off private area.

We will be at New Wine at the Kent Event Centre in Maidstone until 5th August.

Comments from visitors to our tent at New Wine

‘I’m the SENCO soon to be Baptist minister in training. I have a million questions about how we get involved in our church!’

‘I listened your talk at 2.30pm today. Your seminar jumped out at me on the programme at lunchtime and it has ignited a flame in me for my church to really become the hub centre of the community, for God’s love to be poured out over all. My community has lots of facilities but is lacking that central hub and I am passionate about making that happen. God is moving!’

‘Thank you for raising the banner.’

‘Just really excited to know you exist!’

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