Children's Mental Health Week 2024

A child being support by his mother

Children's Mental Health Week 2024 UK 

My voice matters 

This content mentions children's mental health which some people may find triggering.

Children's Mental Health Awareness Week (February 5th - 11th) is an annual event which highlights the importance of mental health in children and young people. The theme this year is 'my voice matters' and encourages us to open the discussion around empowering children to share their feelings and emotions.

1 in 6 children are experiencing mental health issues in the UK.

This event provides time for parents and carers to consider how we support our children and young people in expressing their mental health concerns, and worries. 

The theme, 'my voice matters' offers an opportunity for us to consider how the children and young people in our care are feeling, and therefore enables us to explore themes such as loneliness, positive relationships, and anxiety to name but a few. 

In this blog, we explore tips, advice and guidance on how you can support the children and young people within your care with their mental health, and empower them to use their voice to express how they're feeling. 

A child receiving counselling

Empowering children to talk about their emotions and feelings.

Children's Mental Health Week this year, encourages us to reflect on the importance of empowering our children to communicate their emotions, and talk about their feelings. 

By providing an emotionally safe environment, that enables them to explore their emotions and feelings, children can develop the skills they need to effectively identify how they're feeling and use the tools needed to understand, and process their emotions in a healthy way.

Being able to process what they're feeling, is a fundamental part of emotional development in children. What's more, it enables them to learn how to regulate their emotions.

Photo representing Victoria's story

Victoria's story

Counselling can be an effective way to support your child with their mental health. Read Victoria's story about how counselling helped.

Amelia, Victoria’s counsellor, worked with Victoria to help her find her voice and express what she wanted- to no longer be around the family member.

What we do to support children's mental health

Here at Spurgeons, we provide counselling services for children both online and in person. Offering the opportunity for children to create trusting and safe relationships with one of our qualified professionals, we provide an environment that is safe, confidential, and non-judgmental, so that your child can effectively discuss their feelings and emotions. 

At some time or another, your child may experience times of difficulty. If you are worried about your child, you can self refer to our services. Here we will support them in gaining the valuable tools needed to manage their mental health, regulate their emotions and feelings, so they are better prepared now and in the future. 

What's more, our qualified professionals work with children in an integrative way, by encouraging them to work through their difficulties through a variety of therapeutic tools. 

Explore more about our counselling services, and find out how you can self-refer a child if you are worried about their mental health. 

Spurgeons Children's Mental Health Resources

We have created a digital family hub, where parents can go to download free resources to help with their own and their children's mental health. 

As part of Children's Mental Health Week 2024, we have created a self-soothe resource that is quick and easy to download free. Our latest resource gives some handy tips on what you can include in a self-soothe box that can be used to help your child when they're experiencing difficulty with their mental health and emotions. 

Sometimes, it can be challenging to know what to do in the moment, but having a self-soothe box in place can make supporting your child a little easier. 

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